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And So We Meet Again

A young, creative, exuberant and limitless company, Orangecow Studios officially kicked off in year 2013 with the first big project - an annual staff appreciation dinner and party. Later that year, Orangecow Studios organized a music, art, and food festival - Tres Fest.

Throughout the years, Orangecow Studios has been involved with various events - independently organized or co-organized. From road shows, marathons, band tours, talent management for music festivals, dinners, design, animations, and the whole works!

This time, Orangecow Studios bring you a brand new phase in the company - an event venue called Twenty20Two! Much like a blackbox, this event venue caters to a wide range of events and performances.

Here at Orangecow Studios, we practice professionalism. Everything we do will be done with extreme caution and with a great level of detail.

Contact Info

  • +603 7960 0301
  • 49, Jalan Bukit 11/2, 46200 PJ
  • ian@orangecowstudios.com
  • orangecowstudios@gmail.com


Event Management

Organizing and managing all types of events ranging from birthday parties, corporate functions, music festivals, and many more!

All Art Services

From designing, photography, videography, projection mapping, visuals, animations, and lots more!

Crew Supply

All types of crew you need for any type of event. Be it normal crew, inline skating crew, artiste liaisons, stage managers, packers, lifters, and loads more!

Talent Supply

A special set of talents including inline skaters, models, face painters, magicians, clowns, bands, celebrities, and many more. You name it, we have it!



Twenty20Two (word-number-word), is a fairly new event venue. Much like a blackbox, this event venue caters to a wide range of event and performances. Located in the heart of Kelana Jaya, SS4D/14, Taman Peoples Park (if you translate this, it’s Peoples Park Park), Twenty20Two stands in two shop lots in the housing area. It’s less than 5 minutes drive from Kelana Jaya (1 minute if you’re going at “godspeed”.) If you know where Paradigm Mall is, you know where Twenty20Two is. If you don’t, bless you child. Just give us a call!

As mentioned, Twenty20Two is perfect for various events. Why? Because your hypothetical stage can be placed anywhere. Twenty20Two can be used for annual dinners, birthday parties, workshops, training programmes, exhibitions, etc. The sky ceiling is the limit! For performances, it is well suitable for theatre, musical theatre, music gigs, experimental shows, film screenings, etc. Remember we said your hypothetical stage can be placed anywhere? Yes! For you crazy directors, we have lighting bars across the room for you to direct your next play in traverse, in-the-round, thrust, or anything you like!

The venue is designed to have multiple exits and entrances with heavy duty curtains all around the space, 6 lighting bars (each can hold up to 100kg) across the room, 1 dressing room, 1 meeting room/holding room/dressing room, a FOH/registration area, a lounge area, 2 toilets, and a pantry.

We also have additional lighting and sound system should you require for your event! Oh, and a sick disco ball!

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Tres Fest

Tres Fest is the baby of Orangecow Studios. A collective brain child from the Orangecow family. Tres Fest is a MUSIC, ART, and FOOD festival aimed to everyone from all walks of life. It is a FREE all-day festival. No hidden charges, no tickets but donations and crowd funding is greatly appreciated! Tres Fest first rolled out in 2013 in The Square, Publika from 2pm - 10pm. There were over 30 performances from different genres, age group and circles and over 10 vendors selling all things ranging from food, to arts and craft and event airbrush tattoo services! Our vision for Tres Fest is to bring down an international band for the festival and still NOT charge ticket fee! Help us make that possible! Support us by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!